Volume Master: Control Your Audio in Chrome


In today’s fast-paced world, we constantly juggle multiple tasks and distractions. One of the most common distractions can be unwanted sounds, such as loud ads, auto-playing videos, or music that suddenly starts playing from a website. Fortunately, a solution for this problem is Volume Master, the ultimate Chrome extension for customized sound management.

What is Volume Master?

Volume Master is a powerful Chrome extension that allows you to control the volume of any tab or application running in your browser. With Volume Master, you can easily adjust the volume for each tab or application, mute specific tabs or applications, and set a default volume level for all accounts or applications.

Key Features of Volume Master

  1. Control volume of individual tabs and applications One of the critical features of Volume Master is the ability to control the volume of separate bills and applications. It means you can adjust the importance of a YouTube video playing in one account while leaving the book of another tab unchanged.
  2. Mute-specific tabs or applications Volume Master also allows you to mute specific tabs or applications. It is beneficial when you want to silence an account playing an auto-playing video or an ad that you find annoying.
  3. Set a default volume level Another feature of Volume Master is the ability to set a default volume level for all tabs or applications. Opening a new account or application will automatically set to the desired volume level.
  4. Keyboard shortcuts Volume Master also provides keyboard shortcuts for quick and easy access to its features. You can use the keyboard shortcuts to increase or decrease the volume, mute or unmute the tab, or set the default volume level.

How to Use Volume Master

Using Volume Master is easy. Upon installing the extension, a Volume Master icon will appear on your Chrome toolbar. To adjust the volume of a tab or application, click on the Volume Master icon and move the slider to the desired level. To mute a tab or application, click on the mute button. Click the gear icon to set a default volume level and adjust the slider to your desired level.

Additional Benefits of Volume Master

In addition to the key features mentioned above, Volume Master offers additional benefits that make it a standout extension for audio management. For example, Volume Master is exceptionally lightweight and does not consume many system resources. You can run it alongside other applications and extensions without worrying about performance issues. Furthermore, Volume Master is highly customizable, allowing you to adjust its appearance and behavior to suit your needs. You can choose from various color schemes and themes and customize the keyboard shortcuts to match your preferred workflow. With its powerful features and user-friendly design, Volume Master is a versatile extension that can enhance your browsing experience in countless ways.


Volume Master is a handy and customizable Chrome extension for controlling your audio experience. It can adjust the volume of individual tabs and applications. It can also mute specific tabs or applications and set a default volume level. Furthermore, Volume Master provides keyboard shortcuts for quick access to its features. Hence, it is an essential extension if you want to gain complete control over your audio experience while browsing the web.

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