How To Add Instagram Feed To Shopify – Check In 3 Simple Steps

According to the official statistics, Instagram has more than 500 million daily users, making building a presence on Instagram a first-priority activity for any brand today.

More enticingly, Instagram allows users to easily embed specific posts on websites or blogs. At the same time, the Instagram business page must be constantly updated, with multiple daily posts and many code changes.

You need an Instagram Integration for your Shopify Store to optimize your business through social media.

With that spirit in mind, this article offers a step-by-step guide to adding an Instagram account to your Shopify store.

Why Add Instagram Feed To Shopify

An Instagram feed is a collection of content, particularly user-generated content, collected and curated from Instagram using hashtags, handles, tags, etc.

Instagram has over a billion active users and widely influences consumer purchasing decisions.

People tend to investigate, evaluate, and browse products they want to buy, learn more about products they wish to buy, and listen to what customers say about a product or brand.

Many eCommerce brands are active on Instagram because it is a visual platform that helps eCommerce brands attract, engage, and convert customers via social commerce.

When you add an Instagram feed to the Shopify store, leveraging user-generated content can aid in building social proof for your brand, showcasing brand loyalty and advocacy, displaying your hashtag campaigns, turning UGC into shoppable content, and more.much more.

This feed will also help you increase your website engagement, dwell time, cart abandonment and bounce rate, and conversions. When making an online purchase decision, more than 90% of people trust UGC on the website.

How To Add Instagram Feed To Shopify

We know the benefits of adding an Instagram feed to your Shopify website. We are prepared to take this discussion further and assist you in understanding that you can do it.

To incorporate an Instagram feed into your Shopify website, you’ll require a tool that can aggregate or collect social media content, transform it into a meal, and enable you to embed it on your Shopify website.

Taggshop offers its customers a solution to the common question of how to add an Instagram feed to Shopify for free.

Taggshop is a social commerce platform that collects and converts social content, such as branded content posted by the brand or user-generated content from social media platforms, into shoppable galleries.

We can then embed this gallery into the brand’s eCommerce website or online store by Taggshop.

It is a powerful tool for leveraging user-generated and brand content across social media platforms. You can highlight the most popular posts, turn your brand’s Instagram feed into a shoppable gallery, and turn your social media content into sales. 

Instagram feed Shopify is very engaging, precisely what business owners need, and Taggshop can help you achieve that.

Taggshop allows you to easily integrate shoppable Instagram into your Shopify eCommerce without technical knowledge. Moreover, here are the steps to creating an Instagram Shopify with Taggshop.

Install The Shopify App

We’ll show you how to use Taggshop to embed an Instagram feed into your Shopify website.

The first step is downloading and installing the Taggshop Shopify App, then creating an account or logging in with your existing credentials.

After completing this step, you can easily integrate shoppable Instagram feeds, visual UGC, and shoppable UGC feeds into your Shopify storefront.

Create Your Instagram Feed 

After installing, the Taggshop Shopify app will redirect you to where you can create a Shoppable Gallery and add it to your Shopify storefront. Choose Instagram as your source platform to create an Instagram feed.

  • Next, select the type of connection you want the tool to collect content – hashtag, user handle, mentions, and so on – and click the ‘create feed’ or ‘connect to Instagram’ button.

Facebook will prompt you to authenticate and grant your Instagram business account access.

Following the collection of posts from Instagram to your Taggshop account, follow these steps to make the posts shoppable.

  • Moderate the Instagram feed, personalize it based on the tone of your brand, and add customizations to improve the user experience.
  • Add product tags in the moderation panel, and all the posts you’ve chosen to make shoppable from Instagram to Shopify will appear.
  • To add a shoppable tag to your post, click the ‘tag products’ option located below the post. A pop-up will appear, allowing you to search for the product you want to tag. Click on the product to order it from the center.

Embed Instagram Feed On Shopify

It is the last step in embedding an Instagram feed on Shopify with the Taggshop Shopify App.

First, you must publish your Shoppable Instagram feed on the Shopify website. Tap the ‘publish’ button in the bottom left corner and select Shopify as a platform.

Following that, you will find the steps to take in your store.

You can choose to have the feed auto-published on your Shopify web page by selecting the placement options, OR you can COPY the provided ‘Embed code’ and log in to your Shopify account.

You can embed the shoppable Instagram feed to your liking by simply pasting the copied ‘Embed Code’ into the website’s backend where you want it to be incorporated.

That’s all there is to it, folks! Your Shopify website now includes an Instagram feed.

Wrapping Up!

Including a shoppable Instagram feed on your Shopify website is a great way to increase revenue, increase conversion rates, and make your website look great! 

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