A Closer Look at LongHorn Steakhouse

The Origins of LongHorn Steakhouse

LongHorn Steakhouse, a prominent name in the American casual dining sector, has made quite a mark since its inception. Founded in 1981 by George McKerrow, Jr. and his pal Brian, it has come a long way from its first establishment on Peachtree Street in Atlanta, Georgia. With its black painted walls, the place exuded a rustic charm filled with steer heads and Western paraphernalia. Moreover, it offered steaks tantalizingly grilled in butter sauce, making it the talk of the town.

Interestingly, it wasn’t just the steak that made the restaurant famous. Opposite Harrison’s on Peachtree, a well-loved pub, certainly had its perks. Patrons often wandered over to LongHorn for a hearty steak following their drinks.

However, the actual twist in LongHorn’s journey came during the SnowJam 82. An unexpected snowstorm left many commuters stranded in the city. Seizing the opportunity, McKerrow offered them $1 drinks and menu specials. This kind-hearted gesture became the talk of the town and was even featured in a column, turning the fortunes of the then-struggling restaurant.

LongHorn’s Expansion and Acquisition

By 1990, the aroma of LongHorn’s delicious steaks wafted far and wide, reaching the Southern states and the Midwest, Southwest, and even Puerto Rico. This expansion was a testament to its growing popularity.

The year 2007 marked a significant turn for LongHorn. Previously operated by RARE Hospitality International Inc., it caught the eye of Darden Restaurants, Inc., which acquired it, further cementing its reputation in the industry.

Western Flair: LongHorn’s Unique Theme

Every LongHorn Steakhouse location is an ode to the Western and Texan culture. Walk into any outlet, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by oil paintings, snapshots, and a curated collection of Western memorabilia, ensuring an authentic and immersive dining experience.

Delve into LongHorn’s Mouth-Watering Menu

At its heart, LongHorn is best known for its diverse range of steaks. Their signature, “Flo’s Filet,” has found a fan base. However, the menu continues further. It extends to ribs, chicken, salmon, and even lobster, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Their appetizers, especially the “Texas Tonion” and “Wild West Shrimp,” have become quite the favorites.

LongHorn offers a well-stocked bar featuring draft and bottled beers, wines, and some delectable signature margaritas for those who fancy a drink with their meal.

Steak Preferences: How Do You Like Yours?

Did you know, according to a study conducted from May 2016 to May 2017, 37.5% of diners at LongHorn preferred their steak done medium? Following close were the medium-well lovers at 25.8%, medium-rare at 22.5%, while 11.7% opted for well-done. A niche 2.5% of steak enthusiasts preferred their steak rare. So, the next time you’re at LongHorn, you’ll have some fun steak facts to share!


LongHorn Steakhouse’s rich history, delightful menu, and unique Western theme have established itself as a culinary cornerstone. Whether you’re a steak lover or just someone looking for a great dining experience, LongHorn promises not to disappoint. Happy dining!

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Who founded LongHorn Steakhouse?

LongHorn Steakhouse was founded in 1981 by George McKerrow, Jr. and his close friend Brian.

What was the original name of the restaurant when it first opened?

The restaurant was initially called LongHorn Steaks Restaurant & Saloon.

Where was the first LongHorn Steakhouse located?

The first LongHorn Steakhouse was located on Peachtree Street in Atlanta, Georgia.

How did the SnowJam 82 event benefit LongHorn Steakhouse?

During SnowJam 82, when many commuters were stranded due to a sudden snowstorm, McKerrow offered $1 drinks and menu specials to those affected. This act was featured in a popular column, helping boost the restaurant’s reputation and clientele.

Which company acquired LongHorn Steakhouse in 2007?

Darden Restaurants, Inc. acquired LongHorn Steakhouse in 2007.

What’s the primary theme of LongHorn Steakhouse’s décor?

LongHorn Steakhouse boasts a Western/Texan theme, with each restaurant adorned with oil paintings, photographs, and chosen Western memorabilia.

Besides steak, what other dishes does LongHorn Steakhouse offer?

The menu at LongHorn Steakhouse also includes ribs, chicken, salmon, lobster, shrimp, salads, and various appetizers like the “Texas Tonion” and “Wild West Shrimp.”

What is the “Flo’s Filet”?

“Flo’s Filet” is one of the signature steaks offered by LongHorn Steakhouse, cherished by many patrons.

How do most diners prefer their steak to be cooked at LongHorn Steakhouse?

According to a study, 37.5% of diners prefer their steak medium, followed by medium-well at 25.8%, and medium-rare at 22.5%.

Does LongHorn Steakhouse serve alcoholic beverages?

Yes, LongHorn Steakhouse offers a full bar with draft and bottled beer, wine, and signature margaritas.

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